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What's up with this old logo, Lee? Can't afford the new one?

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about this site

Lee Allred as he appears in 'Comic Book Clubhouse'
The Lee Allred Website is 2016 by Lee Allred. All rights reserved.

The Lee Allred Website was created 25 Aug 1997 to provide news about author Lee Allred, promote his works of fiction, and to promote various interests and enthusiams of Lee Allred. This is the sixth major design of the Lee Allred Website.

Items, products, websites, and other material linked to and/or by The Lee Allred Website are not neccessarily endorsed by Lee Allred.

Line illustrations of Lee were created by Mike Allred for "Comic Book Clubhouse," appearing in DC Comics' Solo #7.

The Rookhouse crow silhouette, the Rookhouse red Mondrian design, and Rookhouse Books are service marks of Rookhouse, Inc.

Lee trivia:    Lee's website was once written about in Asimov's. Cool or what!?